We Could Brag, but We Would Rather Let a Few of Our Students and Parents Do It for Us......

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"Thank you for teaching all 5 of my children to drive. It has been a great experience. As a parent, I feel very good about all of their driving skills (and records). It was clear communication and guidance by the high quality instructors and staff of 123 Drive that helped them get there. Affordable, convenient and reliable, that's my experience. Thanks and this is it for me as I have run outta kids.😊Have a great day!"

Doug D.

"Calling 123 Drive! has been the best choice ever. After I registered my son last year, Doreen and my son's instructor ANA gave us the support and time needed to get everything done in a personalized manner. With my son being in so many activities, plus the fact he didn't have any experience driving, they accommodated to his availability for the classes. At the end of the classes of the package we bought, which included to take him to take his test to obtain the Driving License, I was advised to have him practicing more to make him feel more confident. We did it based on what Ana said he needed to focus on, and once we thought he was ready we called Ana and Doreen to let them know. As it was more than six months from the last time we talked to them, we decided it would be better to pay 2 extra classes just to refresh and take care of whatever he needed before taking his test. It worked perfect, and now my son has his license.

The best part, when I called to let them know my son was ready, Doreen and Ana just set up the date, without any problem and again accommodating the class/test date to our needs.

I couldn't ask for a better place/people. Thank you guys!"

Liliana R.

"Thank you for everything!

Most of all thank you for providing the skills and lessons for our three children to become successful, safe and confident drivers over the past seven years.

Howie was an amazing instructor. He made a lasting impression on our third driver Edy Ann. What she learned and the confidence she was given throughout her hours with 123 Drive will stay with her for her lifetime!

Thank You for operating and running an amazing and professional driving school. You and Mark and all your instructors provide an invaluable service to our area!

I will be forever grateful to you both."

Erika M.

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with you and your company. It was worth every penny. I just don't know how to thank you enough. I have been telling everyone how awesome yall are. You really gave Lauren so much confidence and her driving skills are so much better. Her Grandmother is even wanting Lauren to drive her around. That is saying something because her Grandmother trusts no one. 🙂 So thank you again. I will refer, refer, refer!"

Ellen G.

"Thanks Doreen and Mark for a great driving experience for Steven. We appreciate all you did for him."

Kelley D.

"I took my test at the DMV today and nailed it! So happy to be done and have my license. Thank you so much for your help!"

Suchada K.

"You two did a great job, Doreen and Mark, I highly recommend your services to any parent who wants the best driving school available in the area. I especially appreciate your sincerity and devotion to making sure my daughter was properly and adequately prepared. Her confidence was strengthened throughout your training, and she is definitely a better and safer driver because of your course.

Thank you very much!"

David C.

"Thank you and Mark for working with her,she really enjoyed the experience and got the confidence driving with Mark she needed."

Louisa D.

"Frances and I were very pleased with the drivers training you gave Robert, he seems to be very aware of proper driving techniques."

Scott M.

"When I started looking into a driving school for my fifteen year old daughter, I was intent on finding the best school possible in the Bluffton area. Needless to say, I was not at all at ease with the prospect of my only child driving, nor was I crazy about being the one to teach her how! However, I could not have been more pleased with the service we received at 123 Driving Academy. From day one, Mark and Doreen have been exceptionally prompt and professional. When Mark began driving with my daughter, his obvious compassion and true concern for my daughter’s well-being very quickly eased my reservations. Mark and Doreen followed through on everything they had promised, making every driving appointment in a timely manner and following through until the finish of the successful driving exam. I really do not believe I could have been more satisfied with this experience than I am. 123 Driving Academy provides an excellent service!"

Jody G.

"I just had to take a minute to say how much I appreciate you guys. My daughter really enjoyed the class and learned a tremendous amount from it. We both felt you guys went above and beyond to make sure she was taught everything she needs to know to be a safe driver! Sharon is the lady we really bonded with and she is AWESOME! That goes for you all though! Thanks so much and we WILL spread the word." Best Regards

Rebecca C.

"Mark, Doreen & Sharon- Just wanted to thank you for giving Ted the wonderful experience in driving. You guys made it so easy and your kindness and helpfulness is amazing. Great program and I will express my wonderful experience with others that have children. Thanks again for everything."

Terri L.

"Just wanted you to know how much my son Walker learned in your school. You also made it enjoyable. I feel much more confident about him driving after he participated in your academy. I highly recommend your driving academy. Thank you"

Allyson V.

"Mark - Pictures of another satisfied student! Cassidy passed her driving test in NY and the examiner complimented her on her skills and gave her a 98%! Thanks again for everything!"

Jane and Chip D.

"Doreen, I would like to thank you for the great driver education that you provided for my daughter. Katie really enjoyed the time she spent with you and remarked that she learned something new each time. Your academy really made it easy on my wife and I and I would highly recommend spending the extra money to have 123 Drive take the student for the drivers exam. You really made a very stressful test much less difficult since she was so comfortable with you. "

Paul R.

"Just wanted to thank you so much for working with Sean! After using your service for our older son, it was a no-brainer when it was the next one's turn. From ease of scheduling to all the practical advice given, we have nothing but thanks for y'all!"

Suzette G.

"We are so pleased with the instruction Ali received. I don't know how you and your staff do it- I think it would be easier to be a Navy Seal. Thanks again for the patience and professionalism, your service is worth every penny!"

Tracy C.

"Dear Doreen and Mark - Thank you for your excellent service to Hannah with her driver education at 123 Drive! You went above an beyond our expectations! We will definitely share our experience with others who are looking for driver education."

Shawna C.

"I want to thank you very much for the great experience we had with your Academy. Hands down the best around! Mara passed and got her license yesterday with Ken. Again thank you very much!"

Suzanne L.

"Thank you Doreen for being the best instructor! You built my confidence up so much. And I appreciate you taking your time and helping me! You're honestly the best! Thank you!"

Ashley D.

​"Thank you for giving me the fun experience at driving. I had tons of fun learning from you and really appreciate all the little driving tricks. I learned so much in a short time, starting out with no experience at all. I really wanted to let you know how grateful I am and happy that I can finally drive. Thanks for pushing me and encouraging me when I doubted myself! Thank you so much!"

Suqi J.

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and all of your amazing instructors! I thought I would never learn how to drive because of my driving anxiety and lack of experience, but I did. Thank you!"

Mary H.

"123 Drive was a great experience for our daughter. There are plenty of classes offered in two locations which makes it easy to pick one. Howard arrived for our daughter’s first lesson and instantly put her at ease...me too. After each lesson it was obvious she had learned a lot by what she told us and how she drove. We will certainly use 123 Drive for our next child."

Thank you,

Becca S.

"Our daughter successfully completed her driver’s training and obtained her license! We couldn’t be more satisfied with the level of support and encouragement that 123!Drive has shown since June. You all were very flexible with working around Sanaa’s school schedule which was very much appreciated.

It didn’t go unnoticed when Mark, after testing her, drove her to the DMV and even sat with her at the picture station anxiously waiting to be the first to see her new license and how her picture turned out:). 123! Drive was present throughout the entire process which meant a lot to our family. The training that she received contributed to her comfort level behind the wheel and she has even taught us a few new techniques and pointers that was conveyed to her! Keep up the great work!"

Latoya L.

​"Doreen, both my sons, Charlie and Michael, have gone through your program. I want to tell you what a wonderful job everyone at 123 Drive is doing. Even during Covid you have managed to work with the DMV and keep everyone safe. The drivers, classes, and communication are fantastic and really take the stress out of the process. I just wanted to say thank you."

Mimi S.

"I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to have Matthew as my daughter’s driving instructor. He took his time explaining the rules of the road, gave her realistic ideas of what to expect while driving and presented her with various scenarios of what could happen while driving. He always greeted me and answered any questions I had. He treated my daughter as if she were his own! It was evident that he really cared that he was providing her with enough knowledge and preparation for her to be a successful driver. All of you made this major milestone in a young teenagers life that much easier! From the first contact to the last lesson, it was a pleasure. Thank you!"

Laurie D.

​"Truly want to say a big thank you to your agency, we were extremely pleased with our son's instructors, the ability to contact them and reach them easily and it was well worth the extra for us to have your agency take him to the DMV! I will highly recommend 123 Drive to anyone! I'm the booster club president at Bluffton High and I'll be hanging your banner over at the baseball stadium this weekend as we begin the season. Hoping it brings even more attention to your business. Thank you very much!"

Karen M.

"I can’t say enough about this business! They have been patient beyond imagination from owner to instructors...fantastic! John and Sharon are the instructors we have experienced and they are both are incredible! My daughter could not have had a better experience! Doreen is lovely and responds so quickly! This is the best money you can spend as a parent with an emerging driver!"

Emily C.

​"Argentino was AMAZING with my very nervous son. When he came back from his first driving lesson with Argentino, he was beaming. He felt so confident, and you could tell that Argentino has a special way of helping young people discover their abilities and not focus on their (imagined) weaknesses. Wow - just wow! I am so impressed and grateful!"

Kristen M.

"I wanted to take a moment to say what an excellent experience my daughter, Erin, had with your instructor Lisa Pagliaro. Lisa was so patient and kind, and also taught Erin to be a great driver... so much so she scored a 100% on her driving road test! Erin is usually an organized kid, but the day of her test she panicked and could not find her permit... that she had the day before when we spent a lot of time practicing. When Lisa arrived, Erin was crying in a panic, but Lisa was completely calm and just told her they would fill out an extra form at DMV, and she had Erin calm and smiling in no time. (the permit was found by Grandma minutes later, once everyone was calm) 🙂 We've already spread the word to all our friends of driving age to use 123 Drive, but will also be sure to leave good reviews for you online as well. Thanks so much!"

Sharon M.

"I wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am to have had Tom do Garrett's driving lessons. In addition to teaching him the skills, he was very patient and gave him the confidence he needed. Garrett is a slow and steady kid who can get nervous and Tom "got him" and really worked with him in exactly the right way. I wanted you to know how much we appreciate him and what a great experience it was. We have appreciated how professional you and your team have been with both of our kids."

Elise S.

"Our daughter eldest daughter, Eleanor, just finished her driving lessons and test with Lisa. We had not clue what we were doing going into this and the level of patience Lisa had with us each weekend regarding the paperwork was saintlike! She kept Eleanor so calm and now she has a confidence behind the wheel that we know came from working with Lisa. She was magical! Thank you all again…and we will see in you in 3 years for the next daughter LOL."

Ashley B.

"My son, Madden finished his driving class yesterday with Mrs. Robin LaComb. I just want you to know how great she did with Madden. She was outstanding. We live in Walterboro so we had to drive close to an hour for his classes but it was well worth it. I feel like he learned a lot and she made it comfortable for him. Just wanted to pass this on to you."

Emily L.

"***HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND*** I didn't think anyone could teach my daughter how to drive but Mrs. Robin did, not only did she teach her how to drive she helped build her confidence while driving and gave her all the tools she needed to pass her road test. I am extremely happy with this company and could not recommend them more. I would also like to comment they have wonderful customer service."

Holly B.

​"The staff at 123 Drive Driving Academy was extremely helpful. Right from scheduling the first lesson to our daughter receiving her driver’s license, everything went very smoothly. Sharon was very responsive, thoroughly answered all of our questions and always kept us updated. Tom was immensely patient and took the time to help Riley learn and understand the Rules of the Road. We would be happy to recommend this driving school to anyone in the Lowcountry."

Joe & Teresa W.